Caw Inu

CAW INU; Realm of Innovation and Greatness, The Future of Crypto Wealth Creations


CAW INU is a new meme coin in BSC network inspired by the growth of the major coins throughout history. This coin is community-centered, with the goal of creating opportunity for holders to make money passively every day thus contributing to united success. It provides the basic resources needed to provide funds for development and support community towards organic growth. This meme coin has a modest tax rate of 5% that is divided and dispersed for marketing purposes, as well as manual buy backs and adding liquidity to create more support and increase the floor price,
The restoration and renaissance of BSC network treasures in the crypto realm comes from NFT-based innovations. CAW INU is a fork of the Binance Smart Chain that aims to create an interconnected digital economy that is owned and regulated by its users while also giving token holders with guaranteed dividends.

our goal;

By merging NFT’s with staking, we want to spark a major movement for change in the cryptoverse and achieve massive success. It also aspires to create a fantastic community that will conquer fud and profit. This meme token wants to reach out to anyone in need or who wishes to have a life-changing experience, particularly in terms of money. Within its own ecosystem, CAW INU will provide total transparency to the global public.



Digital works of art and other collectibles. Visuals and art creations are employed to deliver the best quality to community.

NFT marketplace

CAW INU's nft marketplace where holders can buy characters and collectibles which can be used in the game. This platform is open to the public.


One way of earning for holders is by staking their hold token to earn a passive income. Sit while you are earning a passive rewards.

play to earn

A feature to be released throughout the massive development of the project play-to-earn feature. NFT games will be incorporated in the future developments for the generation of additional income for holders/investors.

how to buy $cawi on pancakeswap;

1. Connect Your Wallet
Connect your wallet in Pancakeswap that we provided.

2. Swap BNB for $CAWI
Enter the amount of BNB you would like to swap for.

3. Done!
After swapping, double-check your wallet – $CAWI to see whether it has already appeared or reflected on your end; if it has, it’s BINGO!





total supply


token burned



Buy 5% / Sell 5%


5% - 10%


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